Winery Wedding-Sculpterra Winery & Sculpture Garden-Paso Robles, Ca.

So, You’re Getting Married…

Your Wedding Reception is the most important event you will ever plan in your lifetime. Planning takes so much time, with your Wedding Day only lasting a few hours. Let MUIR MUSIC ENTERTAINMENT take those few hours and turn them into a lifetime of beautiful memories, and a One-of-a-kind experience for you. With over 25 years in the industry, we provide experience, satisfaction, and dedication to our brides and grooms that is second to none.

You will have access to online planning forms and music playlists. With drop-down menus of suggested songs for specialty dances. Such as your Father and Daughter dance, your Mother and Son dance, and other specialty songs, which will be heard throughout your wedding day. That way, we can customize a fantastic night of music you and your guests will never forget.

Before your event, we will schedule a meeting with the two of you to discuss all your music selections and generate an itinerary and timeline of your day.

The Wedding Ceremony

We are usually asked to provide music and sound for Wedding Ceremonies. We use a unique ceremony system designed explicity for Ceremonies. It is very compact and takes up less room than the master system, used for the reception. We provide a lapel “clip-on” microphone for your officiant, and a microphone for the bride and groom if they are reciting their vows. Extra microphones can be provided if needed. We will begin playing prelude music about thirty minutes before to the Ceremony starts while your guest arrives.

We will work closely with both of you, and help you select those perfect songs for your Ceremony. Our experience comes in very handy at this time to give you song suggestions. You can go traditional or create your own unique theme for your Ceremony. The choice is yours. Every Wedding Story is its own and your event needs to be built around the music that will make it feel that way.

The Reception

Time to Dance and have a lot of FUN!

Upon seating all your guest for dinner, we will prepare them for their biggest and grandest introduction. Because, it’s all about you two!

Music will continue flowing as dinner starts. When it’s time, we will orchestrate and organize the toast and provide a wireless handheld microphone. Once it is time to dance and have some fun, we will provide a mix of music catered to you and your guests. Together, we will select the songs you would like to dance and party to. We pride ourselves on reading your guests and playing music to get them on the dance floor and keep ’em there.

Our job to ensure that your reception is fun and memorable.

Up Lighting

Beautiful Up Lighting- Muir Music Entertainment - Villa Loriana San Luis Obispo, Ca.

Lighting is everything! Some people need clarification on what Up Lighting is. We use battery-operated light fixtures strategically placed on the floor to shine up on walls and pillars. By choosing any color under the rainbow, it creates the ambiance of the room. It also can make your venue change from great to fantastic!

We can create a modern atmosphere with top-of-the-line technology. Whether you’re going for a subtle rustic look, to a nightclub feel.

MUIR MUSIC ENTERTAINMENT will help you transform even the most straightforward venues to something spectacular.

Dancing On The Clouds

First Dance- Dancing on the Clouds- Muir Music Entertainment- Rava Wirnery, Paso Robles, Ca.

Capture the perfect First Dance moment with our dry ice, dance-on-the-clouds effect. Your guest will be blown away by the intimacy this effect adds to your First Dance, and your photos will come out Stunning!

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